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Acrylic Display Boxes

Boxes are important – we need them all the time. Whether it is for storing stuff or displaying stuff, boxes help us out all the time. Acrylic display boxes are transparent boxes that are used for stuff that needs to be shown to others. For example, when you need to show something to viewers but also need to protect it. These boxes are made of acrylic which is a plastic material that is transparent like glass, but it is stronger and lighter than glass. The size, design, and characteristics of the box depend on its usage. For example, acrylic display boxes which are meant for collection purposes have little slits in them, while those with lids have little knobs for the quick and easy opening. Let us go through some examples of where we might need some of these boxes.

Suggestion boxes

Suggestion boxesEver seen those little boxes marked ‘remarks’ mounted on walls in restaurants, shopping stores, and hospitals? Those are used to get people’s opinion and suggestions so the people who put it there can make their services better. The suggestions are written on paper and pushed through an opening on the top of the box. Suggestion boxes could either be mounted on the wall, or they could have their own pedestal attached.

Ballot boxes

Ballot boxesWhether the elections are on a national level or for the prefectship of some junior school, the most important thing is the ballot boxes. These acrylic display boxes have slits on top through which the folded ballot papers are pushed into the box. The boxes are later opened and the votes are counted. Of course, ballot boxes need to be transparent so that everyone can see that all the votes have been counted. These ballot boxes are usually kept on tables or have their own pedestals.

Collection boxes

Collection boxesMany hospitals and charity organizations like to keep a collection box at shops, gas stores and other public places in which people may place money if they want to donate. The boxes are usually printed with the name of the hospital or the charity organization. Sometimes, the purpose for which the money will be used is also listed, making it easier for people to decide if they want to donate or not. These boxes usually have a lock on them so that only authorized persons can collect the money and it is not stolen. Of course, someone can take money out by breaking the box, but these boxes are usually placed right in front of the shopkeeper. Also, the acrylic used in these boxes are of very high quality and do not break easily.


Acrylic ShowcasesSome acrylic display boxes are just meant for showing off prized possessions, for example at a museum, or auction. There are three types of showcases: the five-sided box, a box with separate base and mirrored box. The five-sided box is a lid with five sides that is placed on top of a base made of the same material. It can be used to display items such as electronic modules, prototypes, rocks. Some objects need to be mounted, for example, antique guns and rifles, for that a box with separate base is used. The separate base is usually made up of polished wood for a classy look. Of course, some items like diamonds look amazing if reflected infinitely which is why a mirrored showcase is used. Only one side of a mirrored acrylic display box is transparent, while the other sides are reflective from inside to give the beautiful illusion of the object reflected infinitely through space. All these boxes display the items while also keeping them protected from dust and other contaminants so that your prized possessions are always protected and remain glorified forever.

Boxes with lids

Boxes with lidsThese acrylic display boxes are used by shops and gas stores to store items that need to be kept in a box and yet displayed to the customers. For example, candy bars, sweets, et cetera. Cafeterias also use these for fresh food items like salads, while ice cream and frozen yogurt shops use them to keep the extra toppings and flavorings. There are many different types of boxes with lids. For example, separate lids, hinged lids and multiple lids, multiple compartments et cetera.

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Acrylic Display Boxes

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