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Acrylic Photo Frames

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Acrylic Photo Frames
Take a look at our fantastic range of acrylic frames and photo frames. Perspex Acrylic is a timeless, wonderful medium for displaying high quality photo quality images. Nothing refracts light better than a peice of highly polished & buffed acrylic. Supplied in either hand flame polished or diamond polished edges. Parkway Display can manufacture these in a variety of thicknesses, from 3mm to 25mm thick, and with a number of different backing sheet colours and tints to enchance the style and design.

Subcategories in Acrylic Frames and Photo Frames

Acrylic Magnetic Photo Frame Acrylic Magnetic Photo Frame Wall Mounting Photo Frame Wall Mounting Photo Frame Freestanding Acrylic Frame Freestanding Acrylic Frame
Wall Mounted Acrylic Photo Frames Wall Mounted Acrylic Photo Frames Acrylic Photo Block Acrylic Photo Block

Acrylic Display Photo Frame

Acrylic Magnetic Photo Frame

Acrylic Magnetic Photo FrameClear acrylic magnetic photo frames are designed to ensure focus on the photo and not on the frame. The freestanding magnetic photo frame makes a stylish household item or is ideal for merchandising graphics or as a branding block in retail spaces.

The magnets of these clear frames are incredibly strong and securely seal the photo within the two acrylic panels with no need for adhesives or screws.

The magnetic photo frame or clear graphic frame can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation standing on any flat surface. As the magnetic frames stand upright they can be viewed clearly from both sides, therefore two pictures can be displayed in a single frame.

Wall mounted Acrylic Photo Frames

Wall mounted Acrylic Photo FramesThese Acrylic Poster Kits create a stunning poster display or photographic frame.
If you want to do real justice to your favourite photos, prints and pictures, our wall mounted acrylic photo frames are a stylish, contemporary choice for modern interiors.

Wall Mounting Photo Frame

Wall Mounting Photo FrameA flush mounting clear acrylic photo frame with a great chunky look giving depth and character to the image.
A simple and easy to use fitting is machined into the back panel to allow the photo frame to be hung on two screw heads in either the landscape or portrait orientation.

Freestanding Acrylic Frame

This clear acrylic photo frame or graphic frame is made of two clear panels held together with high quality chrome finish supports.
Two of the screws are longer in length and support the frame, sitting it at a slight angle for perfect viewing.
The acrylic frame has a very attractive finish which can be used to display anything from price lists, photos, prints or any other graphics.
These clear acrylic frames allow the photo or graphic to be the focus of attention and not the frame.
The photo frames can be used in either landscape or portrait orientation, simply by amending the position of the supporting screws.

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