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Acrylic Lighted Edge Lit Led Sign

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What is edge lighting?

What is edge lightingThe definition of edge lighting is obvious by the name. However, the distinguishing property of this technology is using an amazing quality of light that is known as internal reflection where the light gets trapped inside a transparent material.

Benefits of using LEDs

LEDs are being used extensively for the illuminating signs because of their requirement of pretty low voltage because of which they are preferred for the sign shops as compared to the other sources of lighting. The regulations that cover installation and fabrication is way less strict than with either of neon or the fluorescent lighting. However, you should first get all the proper permits and licenses before using LEDs in edge lit displays, backlit cabinets or the channel letters and do check out if they are comfortable and safe to use with the electrical systems.

There may be a lot of suppliers and manufacturers of LED modules that can be bought easily and then mounted in an illuminated sign. However, to design an efficient, proper and evenly lit sign, you need to put more effort in it. Only then will it be presentable in front of the clients for years to come. Your shop can save a lot of money by knowing about the LED layout completely and making sure that the layout contains the appropriate amounts of LEDs. It will be better to know about some design tricks and implement them to benefit for your full-service electric shop.

Using acrylic lighted edge lit LED signs for the advertisement of different products and businesses will certainly be a very innovative and attractive option. In addition to being energy efficient, they are easy to assemble from just the LED strips or tape and the acrylic panels.

Acrylic Lighted Edge lit LED signs

The LED signs that illuminate the edge and come off from the side of a light panel (in this case, acrylic) are called acrylic lighted edge lit LED signs. The acrylic lighted edge lit LED signs are extremely helpful in creating such displays that are more modern looking but thinner illuminated signs.

These signs are made to illuminate the signs that are, in most cases graphics or sometimes the signs are used to highlight the logos or etched wording. They can be easily produced by placing LED lights at the edges of an acrylic panel. The LEDs will illuminate the panel making it an acrylic lighted edge lit LED sign. If blended with the aluminum frames, then ultra slim light boxes can also be produced.

How to get a perfect sign

You should do the lettering on an acrylic sheet or laser the image properly if you want to get a perfect sign. You also need to adjust the acrylic panel in the right way and mount it such that the LEDs are illuminating the edges with full brightness.

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Acrylic Lighted Edge Lit Led Sign

Customized Acrylic Edge Lit Signs

You can also prepare customized acrylic lighted edge lit LED signs. All you need to do is choose the acrylic panel and the LED strips and tape. Choose the color of everything as per your requirement and if you want a colorful combo, then it is better to choose the LED strips and tape of multiple colors. By doing so, the color of the light will pose an additional attractiveness to the LED sign and will be a really good one for advertisement purposes. Only the engraved parts will be lighting up, and the remaining part of the sign will be dark. This will create a phenomenal view of floating logo, image or letters, and the illusion will be worth watching. This can be helpful for promoting your business.

In addition to being cheap, energy efficient and simple to assemble, the acrylic lighted edge lit LED signs can promote your business with the amazing advertisement sign that they will make up. Thus, avail yourself of this exciting product and use it for your own purposes. This will prove to be an impressive display. More than just blinking LEDs, you will have a product that will produce illusion and images in mid-air.

Whatever project that you have in mind, big or small, we are here for you. Whatever advice, questions or quirky idea requests you may have, we can find you an exceptional outcome. What makes you happy, makes us happy – and that’s what we care about.

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