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Acrylic Signage

Ever since the evolution of the Homo sapiens, communication has been a vital part of life. Anywhere you go, everywhere you go, there needs to be communication between you and others as to what is right and what is wrong, which direction to take, who lives where, et cetera. For example, you go into a bank. Now you need to know where the cashiers are so that you can deposit some money. Thus, there needs to be a sign posted somewhere, directing you to the cashier.

Similarly, imagine that while depositing money there was some problem because it turns out that your account has been frozen! You need to sort it out quickly, and you are advised to take your problem to a certain person in the accounts office. How do you find the accounts office? There may be hundreds of offices in the building.

And even if you found it, how would you find that certain person? The office may have many cubicles and sub-offices, it might take you the whole day to figure out which one you need to visit! Now imagine the same scenario, except that now you do not have to find someone in the accounts office, but you have to answer nature’s call. How will you find the men’s room?

Hence, there is always a need for signage, whether it is inside buildings or outside and whether it is for giving directions or identifying the name and position of the occupant. Acrylic signage is the best in this regard since it is very lightweight and yet very strong and shatterproof, in addition to being easy to hang. If you can get something embossed or engraved on it instead of just painted, acrylic signage gives a very classy and sophisticated look, perfect for a classy interior.

Acrylic signs are made from a very high-quality plastic that has a glossy look to it, making it look like glass. It is stronger than glass, and yet lighter thus it offers twice the strength for half the weight. Acrylic is also known as Plexiglas, and it looks professional, classy and sophisticated. It is available in a variety of colours and tints, can be illuminated and is shatter proof.

Thus with glass signs, you run the risk of it falling and shattering to pieces, but acrylic signage is shatter proof, scratch proof and durable. Acrylic signs can also be quite stylish, with all sorts of different shapes and designs since acrylic can be melted into almost any shape and size. They can also be made clear or frosted as per requirement, or cut into a logo, for example, the logo of your company. The glossy look of acrylic signage looks amazing and very professional. It is also very easy to clean.

Acrylic signage is very cost effective and yet more durable and beautiful than the rest. It is long lasting and does not wear easily. It can be used almost everywhere, for example, public places like airports, train stations, and shopping malls; and inside buildings such as offices and apartment buildings. Let us see how you can use acrylic signage to your advantage.

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Acrylic Signage Display

    Inside offices – acrylic signage is perfect for being used inside offices. You can use them for directing to different offices, as well as nameplates. In offices, there is a wall, usually behind the reception where the name of the company is mentioned. The individual letters of the name can also be forged using acrylic, and even the complex geometric shape of a company logo can be made from acrylic. Acrylic is very strong and durable so you would not have to worry about it becoming worn with time, or breaking. It is also very easy to clean, and its glossy finish looks amazing and professional.
    In shops and superstores – acrylic signs are used extensively in shops and superstores because of their superior strength and durability. They are used for marking different aisles, marking different cashiers and making those little plates which mention the prices of different objects.
    In apartment buildings – in apartment buildings, acrylic signage can be used for nameplates and apartment number markings. Since acrylic has such a sophisticated and classy look, it would look amazing in high-end apartments.

Whatever project that you have in mind, big or small, we are here for you. Whatever advice, questions or quirky idea requests you may have, we can find you an exceptional outcome. What makes you happy, makes us happy – and that’s what we care about.

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