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Three Principles to Follow in Putting POS Display Designs


One of the most important elements in guiding people and making promotions known is by use of Point of Sale Display Stands for Retail. The reasons for using these stands for displaying is making known the product features and causing the customers to develop a desire to purchase them as well as making it easier for them to select the product they want and purchase it.


Similarly, given that the design of space in the supermarkets is done in extremely elegant style, the line needed is lively, clear and coordinated uncommon stands for POS display. In accordance with Parkway Display Limited which designs and makes supermarket space beautiful by highly decorating it when there is need to, it is important to consider various connected factors which are the following;

The expanse of the available space, the nature of the space to work on, the function and style of the product to be promoted, the manner in which light should be arranged and the required brightness, the width of the channel to be used, how big the cash register is and where it is to be put not forgetting how installing the cables and pertinent provisions according to the architectural field will be done.

Putting exquisite POS Display Stands in the Supermarket shows how future sales will be since these Display Stands have a lot of influence to the customers. For one to get the desired, effective and reasonable results, the principals below should be followed to the latter.

    1. By using the Principle of Theme

    Before you design and arrange any POS display stands in the supermarket, you have to follow the theme of the promotion together with that of the supermarket in order for you to divide the supermarket space into segments for use by different displays.

Items which are of different natures require specific features within the premise thus one has to consider the theme according to what the products are made for them to be separated correctly.

    2. By using the Principle of Humanization

    This means that always you must conform to the requirements from the owner of the supermarket or business whenever you are designing POS Display Stands. Make sure that you have made space between the paths and comply with the purchasing habits of buyers, consider the mindset and habits of how shoppers walk while buying items. This statement has the following two meanings:

    Firstly, it means that the design which has been humanized or has been made in a way that it can easily be used by people ought to have the needed path to enter and exit the supermarket.

    Secondly, the sentence means that anything not in compliance with the needed pathway must be taken away.

    The two requirements are of important significance for the sales of a supermarket.

    3. By using the Principle of Science

    This means that in the building, qualities that make fire areas as required should be fully observed, maximum utilization of space that is effective should be done, the entire dispensable extra space should be put into use by the supermarket to reduce the space of supplementary function. The principle is the sole effective method of equally adding utilization rate of a business space.

Parkway Display Limited enjoys a lot of experience in all types of POS Display Stands in supermarkets, their location and even design layout.

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