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Illuminated Bottle Displays

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Illuminated Bottle Displays

Illuminated bottle display aka bar shelves, liquor shelves, back bar or bottle steps are an idea to organize your favorite beers, wines or liquors. There are some unique models with single, double and threefold rows. These models are frequently used in restaurants, bars, and hotels, even at homes. Durable and sturdy displays look attractive around you. These displays are designed in a way to organize your bottle and decorate your bar. The lighting progression and color changes are easy to control with the help of a remote. You can set the mood to increase the relaxation and peace of your atmosphere. Illuminated bottle displays are unique technologies with innovation and creativity. There are numerous choices available in the market for everyone.

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Illuminated Bottle Displays

Qualities of Illuminated Bottle Displays

Lighted bottle displays are productive to increase your efficiency; there are a few features of these displays:

    1. Efficiency

      LED lights are really energy efficient because they consume almost 90 percent less energy as compared to incandescent bulbs. It means you can bring the energy cost down. Installation of these bulbs can be expensive than installing illuminated bottle displays. The price will be easy to recover because it can reduce your electricity bills.
    1. Durability

      LED lights are durable than fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs because they are solid-state bulbs and use a semiconductor as a substitute of neon gas. Ordinary types of bulbs use glass and filaments that mean that these LED lights can resist against things, such as shock, extreme temperature, and vibration.
    1. Longevity

      You can enjoy a long-term relation with your LED bottle displays. These bulbs have an excellent lifespan of almost 60,000 hours. It can dramatically reduce the operating and maintenance costs as compared to fluorescent lights and incandescent lamps.
    1. Environment Friendly

      Illuminated bottle displays are friendly for your environment because they will not harm your planet. LED bulbs are manufactured with non-toxic materials, and these are friendly for your environment. It is easy to recycle LED bulbs as compared to fluorescent bulbs that are based on mercury and have their environmental implications.
    1. Color

      With LED bulbs, you will get some colors to decorate your bar. LED bottle displays will help you to get a unique blend of colors. There is no need to use only some particular colors because you will get the choice to mix your colors.
    1. Future Use

      LED lighting has a great future because these are perfect solutions for homes and professionals. There are numerous benefits of illuminated bottle displays because these can give you an edge over your competitors.
    1. Safety

      It is one of the biggest advantages of using an illuminated bottle display. LED lights will keep your displays cool even after various hours. It means, there is no need to worry about accidents of burns and fire.
  • Different kinds of bar shelves are available in the market. You can use them to decorate your bar in a beautiful and elegant manner:

    Illuminated Bottle Displays 1

      Standard Illuminated Displays

    You can get the advantage of color choice and effects. You can get the power of fading to flashing options and create your color scheme. These shelves are used to illuminate a variety of items, such as glassware, bottles, and artwork.

      Bottle Display Made of Different Materials

    Bottle Display Made of Different MaterialsSome shelve units are available with a different base, such as acrylic and wood. You can select one as per your taste. The wooden base bottle display will help you to keep things organize and save your space. Improving the atmosphere of your bar is good. These are made of durable wood, and black finish makes them unique and gorgeous.

    If you want a LED bar display with an acrylic base, you can get a unit with stylish design and glossy finish. It is good for the environment of your house and keeps your bar organized. You will also get a wireless remote to control the color effects and illuminate the bottles of your bar.

    Bar Shelves

      Customize Bar Shelves

    Just like its name, you can customize the design of your illuminated bottle display as per your specifications. It will be a lifetime investment for you. If you have vertical space in your bar, you can use four steps led bar shelf because it is easy to adjust. It has detachable rubber feet to prevent contact of illuminated display to liquids, NeXus LED system for lighting, Formaldehyde free constructions and much more. With its particular design and features, it can easily meet the needs of any bar owner.

      LED Fluid Shelves

    Some bottle displays and shelves are designed to provide the right ambiance to your house and bar. These customized shelves often feature good quality acrylic top and brightest LED lights. These displays will keep your bottles well lighted. You can play with numbers colors to get desired shade and set a particular mood of your bar. The automatic and customized system is friendly for any users. They will not go wrong with the color scheme and other options.

    Illuminated Baseline Bar Display

      Baseline Bar Display

    If you want an excellent exposure of your bottles, you can consider baseline bar display. These displays are smaller and require something for height enhancement. These displays will look great in office, restaurant, home and even at a night club. With the help of this illuminated bottle displays, you can organize your bottle in a better way. You can adjust any present color or make your color set the mood of your bar. Some displays are available with more than 20 colors. This can be a good option for anyone who want something graceful in his/her bar.

    We have served thousands of customers, including retail store, grocery store, convenience store, bar. We have a complete set of product sizes to fit your needs, but are happy to provide custom work when needed.

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