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Acrylic Display Stands

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Acrylic Display Stands
If you own a retail store or a brand, you can understand how important acrylic POP displays are for presenting your products and services. Acrylic display stands may refer to similar types of products. The acrylic POP displays you own should be attractive enough to capture the interest of your customers and also be designed in a way that gives you maximum retail space. At Parkway Display, we offer a full range of custom solutions for all your acrylic POP display needs!

However, retail sales acrylic display stands are not always an easy find. Many businesses simply settle for poorly designed POP displays that may not captivate your customers, resulting in loss of sales and profits. Parkway Display can provide you customizable pop acrylic display stands to suit your needs and lend you the best marketing support for the following reasons.

    Versatile Usage

The acrylic display stands are used by brands or the retail stores to present their product or services. They use these stands to display different items like jewelry, art, food, and others. They are capable of capturing the interest and attention of customers, and this is the reason why they give the store or brand owners with the maximum advertisement opportunity.

    Properties of Acrylic

Acrylic is preferred over glass or metal because of its certain properties that make it superior to the others e.g. it is a lot more reliable and looks cleaner than others. Acrylic display stands are not only used in stores, but also in windshields, aquarium walls, and signs.

    1. They are known for their polished appearance.
    1. You can also mold acrylic into many different shapes.
    1. You can make stands from polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).
    1. These stands are available to the customers in many different forms like racks, holders, cases, wall mounts and simple stands. Acrylic is an adaptable material and can be used for different purposes.
    1. It is weather resistant too so that you can use it outdoors.
    1. On a continued exposure to light, the acrylic material will appear yellowish, but this happens only in case of transparent stands. The PMMA stands may be transparent, but you can also add color to make them stand out.
    1. Acrylic can be recycled and used again for different projects as it is not a biodegradable material.
    1. The acrylic remains scratch-less, provided that it is handled properly and is taken good care of.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Clean
    As compared to wood and metal, acrylic is a lot lighter in weight, and its durability assures its superiority over them for usage in trade and art shows. Moreover, it can be easily cleaned by simply using water and a Plexiglas cleaner.

    Taking care of acrylic stands
    If you want to avoid scratches, you have first to wipe the surface dry and then apply a soft sponge or paper tissues to clean it up. Never try to scrub it because it will be harmful to the display and might damage it. The ideal frequency of washing will be twice a month. Dirt should regularly be removed.

    Cost effectiveness
    Since they are more reliable than both the metal and glass, they are regarded as a lot more cost effective than the other materials. They are not biodegradable and are resistant to rust and decay too. Moreover, if you are using glass, you always have a threat of its shattering, and while using in a trade show, durability will be the key factor where acrylic comes out to be the best choice.

      Wide range of acrylic display stands

    You will find a huge variety of acrylic display stands in the market, and when you have to choose one for your brand or retail store, you need first to decide what item do you want to showcase? There are different display stands that are available in a wide range of style and shapes. All the stands have some of their unique properties, and there is certainly no problem in choosing any one of them. If you don’t like any display stand from the market, then you can also get one customized for yourself. They are maybe more expensive. However, the acrylic stands do present you the best possible option, catering to your specific requirements.


    As already mentioned, the acrylic materials have many different properties that make them superior to other materials and thus, prove to be the best possible option for advertising sign boards and display stands of any brand or retail store. If you are an owner of a store or brand, then you will be familiar with the importance of marketing and branding efforts that should be complementing the promotional materials.

    A good sign holder or display stand will provide your company with a professional and clean image. Thus, you will be able to communicate your message clearly and effectively to your customers. The transparent acrylic display stands will be visible from both the sides and hence they come to be the best option for seeking the attention of customers. You may imprint your jingle line or logo on a sloped base.

    Our experienced design team can ensure your products are perceived in the most positive manner by your target audience, resulting in more impulse buying decisions. With our experience in the industry, we can cater to a number of businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, electronic items outlets, clothing stores, and more.

    Whatever project that you have in mind, big or small, we are here for you. Whatever advice, questions or quirky idea requests you may have, we can find you an exceptional outcome. What makes you happy, makes us happy – and that’s what we care about.

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