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Acrylic Jewelry Display

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Acrylic Jewelry Display
As a store owner, you certainly know that the way you display your products could make or break your business. While you might have the most exquisite jewelry, you will be making a grave mistake if this jewelry is not displayed in a way that attracts customers. In fact, where jewelry is not properly displayed, the important characteristics that attract buyers are hidden and the result is that you make fewer sales than would have been the case if the product was properly displayed.


While there are various materials that are used in the manufacture of jewelry display cases, acrylic jewelry displays are head and shoulders above displays made from other materials.

For starters, acrylic jewelry displays help to highlight the important features of your jewelry and this is critical if you are to generate good sales. Unlike displays made from materials such as wood or glass, acrylic jewelry displays act as good transmitters of light and this is especially crucial for jewelry since there are very minute details in jewelry that will easily get lost if the product is not adequately lighted. In fact, the strongest selling point of a piece of jewelry could be a spectacular but tiny pattern on the jewelry and unless you can highlight this you are not guaranteed to make sales.

With acrylic jewelry displays, you also have the advantage of a huge range of colors to choose from. Some jewelry look great when displayed in gold color while others will have their true features correctly displayed in black or yellow color. Whatever color you desire, you can never go wrong with acrylic jewelry displays as you’ll find the exact color you need.

An important feature that makes acrylic jewelry displays ideal is their versatility. This gorgeous display material can be worked on using machines or even thermal treatment. Even more importantly, acrylic (quite unlike glass or wood) can be manipulated to get you the exact shape you desire. For jewelry displays, this is an important feature since jewelry comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Acrylic jewelry displays also help you give your store a new look with very little effort. If you find that the look of your store no longer inspires you, it is also possible that your customers feel the same. To give your premises a makeover, you could simply re-arrange the displays with the result that your store now looks more appealing and this is important for your marketing. With acrylic jewelry displays, the makeover will cost you very little since displays made from acrylic are easy to move about – you can imagine the kind of labor costs you would incur if you were to move displays made from glass or wood.

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We have a large selection of acrylic displays for you to choose from here at Parkway Display. These store displays include body jewelry displays, counter top acrylic displays, rotating displays and acrylic earring racks. We also showcase our acrylic earring displays, ring displays, necklace displays, pendant displays and more! Feel free to browse the rest of our jewelry displays!

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Acrylic Jewelry Display


To get the most out of your acrylic jewelry display, ensure that you obtain your displays from a reputable and world-renowned manufacturer. When you buy your displays from Parkway Display Company, you’ll be joining hundreds of other companies around the world who have trusted our products. The fact that we have customers from five continents guarantees that you can never go wrong when you buy from us.

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