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daha fazla satış yapmak istiyorsunuz? Çözüm burada – POS standı


The development in the cosmetic industry has brought a lot of notable changes even in the way cosmetic products are retailed. One of the most notable developments is the POS standı that is used in a cosmetic store.

There are very many types, designs and brands of a cosmetic store POS display stand; however, what really makes the difference is the layout. The manner in which the stand is laid out makes a great difference and will determine how the customer will respond to the products on sale.

POS Display Stand

When you master things like POS display stand layout and design properly, your products will have more appeal to the customers than a generically laid out POS display stand.

Here is a gist of designing and laying out acrylic cosmetic display racks are given by Parkway Display Products Limited.

    1. Create a colorful atmosphere when arranging the products on display stands. Creatively come up with creative color combinations of the products while putting into consideration the color of the display stands. Appealing colors will tend to make customers stay longer since they like the atmosphere and therefore be drawn to buy much more easily.
    2. Make good use of the window space. Pedestrians outside see through the window. Don’t make them opaque. Invest in clear glass windows. They are a form of your free advertising. People outside can see what is happening in the store as customers test product; the people outside would want to be a part of this.
    3. Layout the entry way and the window display with seasonal products and products on bargain. Use attention grabbing colors, posters and decor. A promotional POS display stand can help you organize everything and put things in proper arrangement.
    4. When using the point of sale stand, it is important to ensure that you set it so that the top is at the height of the average person’s height. You can do a research on what is the average height of the customers in your area then use this information to structure the POS display stand. This makes the products easy to reach and encourages the customers to actually pick them from the stands.

    Making the stands this way also helps to keep lines of communication open. Communication is vital if you want to build strong relationships with your customers and even with your staff and customer. Shoppers are more likely to come to your store if they know they will find someone to talk to and interact with, your store will be known as friendly.

    5. The use of space in your store is imperative when settling on the display stand size and design. Always go for POS display stand that will allow you to display more products while taking up minimum space. Always keep in mind that you are out to attract more customers, this means that your store should have plenty of space for people and trolleys to move around.

Work with interior designers and other professionals in the construction and remodeling industry to ensure you have the best layout for your cosmetic store.

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