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Illuminated Display Cases are the finest shelf-top display cases that you will find anywhere in the world. They are designed to have the look and feel of classic museum displays, and you have to see them in person to really appreciate how amazing they make anything you put in them appear! Additionally, they protect your valuable specimens from dust and other hazards.

We hand-craft each display case one at a time from mahogany and acrylic, and they are lit with dimmable, super-bright LEDs. Everything is created by hand: we cut and solder the acrylic tops, and we cut, shape, and stain the mahogany bases. Even the lighting system is assembled one component at a time as we solder the wiring, and assemble the tubes. A sheet of black felt is applied to the bottom of each case so it can be safely placed on any surface.

Illuminated Display Cases come various standard sizes, and custom sizes can be built to order. Each one comes with a 12v power supply and a dimmer, and they are 100% compatible with other LED strip lighting accessories such as battery packs, motion sensors, remote controls, vb.

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